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PPA Sportiff #7
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One Team One Family
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Unleash hidden talent
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Youth Cycling Festival
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Meeting Noel Hoffman
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Unleash Hidden Talent

We understand that the young children of today are easily influenced into joining gangs and generally getting up to mischief. Our aim is to find and nurture untapped talent within our youth.

We started with 6 children in 2017 from Paarl, to date we have 14 young cyclists who, under strict mentorship, are showing us that there is talent just waiting to be nurtured.

Within a year one of our young cyclists improved his Cape Town Cycle Tour (109km) time by 2 hours. This is as a direct result of the dedicated mentors and the unwavering support of their direct families.

With your help we can reach our goal of mentoring 50 talented young cyclists by 2022 in the Paarl and George areas.

Join us on our search for South Africa’s hidden sports stars, as Deon Weideman takes on a 14,000km cycle challenge across the country, riding for those who deserve a future in sports. 

About Us

Translated as “to continue what somebody else has started” or simply as “revival”, Vuselela School Makeover is a South African NPO committed to improving the lives of children in poor communities.

Vuselela School Makeover puts learners from disadvantaged backgrounds at the heart of all initiatives. In the aim to provide an all-round learning experience, the non-profit organisation brings learners an environment which enables them to thrive, both in and out of the classroom.

For years Deon Weideman, an IT systems analyst by profession, would drive past a dilapidated building in Parow Industria on his way to work. The enterprising individual that he is, he was intrigued by the potential of the space.

It wasn’t until the company he was working for at the time mentioned that they had “adopted” a school in the community, that Deon realised the school was in this dilapidated building that had caught his attention.

Shocked and saddened that children had to learn in such dire conditions, Deon set about doing something about it. Led by his faith, he resigned from his IT job shortly thereafter and went about registering a non-profit organisation in July 2014, with a vision to improve the conditions of schools in disadvantaged communities.

Vuselela School Makeover has gone from strength to strength, working tirelessly to make life better for the next generation, and has over the years focused on improving the security of schools, creating vegetable gardens to assist feeding schemes and introduced learners to cycling as a sport. We started with 6 children in 2017, and are proud to now have 14 children committed to our cycling initiative, thanks to the support of individuals and companies in our Hall of Contributors.

Our NPO is made up of persons who have a real passion for children. Together with the families of the cyclists they are positively influencing the community for generations to come.

How to get involved

Many hands make light work and every little bit helps! The success of our projects rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers who share our ethos and support our commitment to trying to improve the lives of children in poor communities.

Sponsor A Child

Many hands make light work and every little bit helps! The success of our projects rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers who share our ethos and support our commitment to trying to improve the lives of children in poor communities.

Make A Donation

Donations are Tax Deductable as we are registered with SARS, so each donor will receive a tax invoice.

Donate Clothing

Due to the recent fire catastrophes in and around Cape Town families have lost all their belongings which unfortunately includes school and sports clothes. With winter approaching a lot of these children will not have the necessary warm clothes and shoes to wear, thus affecting their performance in the classroom.

Donate School Supplies

Could you imagine how degrading it must feel for a child to keep on borrowing their fellow school friends’ stationery due to the fact they can’t afford their own?  We aim to have each child equipped with the correct stationery supply for at least a year.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”- Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Donate Your Time

Volunteering your time is just as beneficial as any corporate or private sponsorship, and we welcome anyone who is interested in spending an amount of time improving the lives of these children.  Let us know how you would like to be involved or watch our “Events” calendar for something that may interest you.

Corporate Sponsorship

Without the support from corporate companies children who have career aspirations will find it much harder to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for asking! There are numerous ways to get involved, be it through sponsorship, donations or volunteering.


Please also feel free to contact us if you need more information.

At Vuselela our main objective is to improve the lives of children in poor communities through social upliftment and educational support. As such, we get involved in a variety of projects that serve this cause, from planting vegetable gardens to managing feeding schemes in schools and making sure children have warm clothes for winter.

For a comprehensive overview of all the initiatives we are involved in, please visit CLICK HERE.

Any donations are most welcome, be it in the form of goods or money. We’ve tried to streamline the donation process as much as possible for convenience.

CLICK HERE to see how you can donate.

Yes, we are officially registered as an official Non-Profit Organisation.

NPO: 147-937
PBO: 930050688
B-BBEE Contributor Level 1

Yes, all monetary donations are tax deductible.


Ronwe Primary School


We were introduced to Ronwe Primary by a local Paarl resident named Peter. This is a school with 186 learners including 20 Grade R’s.

Jembekkies Creche


The Headmistress has used her own funds to grow the number of children in her creche from 7 to 48.

Nebo Primary School


Vuselela has been working with Nebo Primary School since 2014.

Our Contributors

Allison Odendaal

Jooste Family

Sile Grüner

Carl Preller

Samantha Myburgh

Deidré Samson

Merril Poller

Henri & Bronwyn Kuipers

Get in Touch

If you’re keen to learn more about our work or to get involved with one of our initiatives, please get in touch with us.